AFYP in the Moment: Improv!

Last April, we did a test run for our popular new Student Holiday Workshop program with a one day Improv spectacular! We had such a great time that we decided to incorporate two entire days of Improv programming into this season's full Student Holiday schedule.

On November 7, 5-11 year old students will Explore Chicago-style Improv and 12-18 year olds will participate in a Short Form Improv Intensive. Short Form Improv is derived from Viola Spolin's Theatre of Games. Spolin worked with America's very first improvisational theatre, the Compass Players, located in Chicago in 1955! Spolin worked with the Second City during the 1960s, a improv comedy troupe that is still extremely popular today. Spolin's short form theatre games are great tools for learning and make for fun, fast-paced performances (you can catch classic short form improv on the TV show "Who's Line is it Anyway?"). Both age groups will spend the day playing Spolin-inspired games and learning how they can be used to make hilarious performance pieces!

November 8 features Explore New York-style Improv for students ages 5-11 and Long Form Improv Intensive for students 12-18. Long form improv has its roots in New York City with Del Close, the contemporary master who created the form. Close believed that Spolin's work was a great basis for creating a unique type of performance where actors not only made up the content on the spot, but also created the game itself. This type of improv is practiced at the Upright Citizen's Brigade in NYC (and, locally, by George Mason's own Mason Improv Association!). Students in the Explore program will learn about creating improvised stories and students in the Intensive will learn the elements of long form improv and the art of the game. 

Our Explore programs (5-11) will be taught by Oscar Salvador and Skye Lindberg. Summer camp students will remember Mr. Oscar if they participated in the improv elective option. Our Intensive programs (12-18) will be taught by Rebecca Wahls and Justin Sumblin. Miss Rebecca taught last year's Long Form Improv Workshop.

Students playing, one of our favorite short form improv games, "I'm a..."!

Students playing, one of our favorite short form improv games, "I'm a..."!

Are you excited yet!? We sure are!