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Welcome to Acting for Young People's official blog! The  goal of this fun, creative space is to enrich the experience of you, our students and families, with relevant posts about our community and the world of theatre.

Every Monday, we will feature three main areas of content: AFYP: In the Know, AFYP: In the Spotlight, and AFYP: In the Moment. There will also be surprise, wildcard posts once a month!

With AFYP: In the Know, our goal is to increase your knowledge of theatrical terms and practices. Look out for articles about theatre history, the methods of different famous acting teachers, and much more. AFYP: In the Spotlight serves to highlight our outstandingly talented and busy students and Teaching Artists. AFYP's students and Teaching Artists are active participants in the theatre and film communities in the DC Metro Area, and we want to share their hard work with you! Finally, with AFYP: In the Moment, we will offer a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Showcase and Touring productions. How does Miss Kaity design those clever sets? Where does Miss Jess get her costume inspiration from? Now you can find out!

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