AFYP In the Moment: Student Holiday Workshops

After the success of last Spring's Improv 101, we are happy to announce that this school year will be our very first season of Student Holiday workshops!  On five of FCPS's student holidays, students can join our AFYP teaching artists to spend the day in focused study of a special topic.  

Our Exploration Days are for ages 5-11 and our Intensive Days are for ages 12-18.  Workshops are tailored to our enrolled students, with exercises, games, and activities at their appropriate learning level!  Each day will run from 9:00am-3:00pm, with breaks for snack and lunch (which students should bring with them).  The 2016-2017 Workshop Schedule is:

Exploration Days for Ages 5-11:

  • October 10th-- Explore Musical Theater: Favorites from Broadway & Disney
  • November 7th--Explore Chicago Improv
  • November 8th--Explore New York Improv
  • January 16th-- Explore Shakespeare
  • February 20th--Explore Playwriting 

Intensive Days for Ages 12-18:

  • October 10th-- Musical Theater Intensive: Decades of Dance
  • November 7th-- Short Form Improv Intensive
  • November 8th-- Long Form Improv Intensive
  • January 16th--Acting Shakespeare Intensive
  • February 20th--Play In A Day Intensive

Registration for all of our Student Holiday Workshops are now open!  More information and registration links can be found at: