Big Bright Beautiful World

BBBW Breakdown

Away From Camera

Facing the Camera

10:30 RED Cast

1:30 GREEN Cast

4:30 BLUE Cast


Story of My Life

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What’s Up, Duloc, Part 1

Coming soon.

What’s Up, Duloc, Part 2

Coming soon.

What’s Up Duloc (Reprise)

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I Know It’s Today

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Travel Song

Travel Song Breakdown

Travel Song with Music


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This is How a Dream Comes True

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Morning Person

Tap Intro + Vocabulary

Morning Person: Beginning with Music

Morning Person: Fiona + Rats Breakdown

Fiona + Rats with Music

Morning Person: Woodland Creatures Breakdown

Woodland Creatures Dance Break with Music

I Think I Got You Beat

Coming soon.

Make A Move

Coming soon.

Freak Flag

Freak Flag Breakdown

Freak Flag with Music


Coming soon.

Bows—I’m A Believer

I’m A Believer Explanation

I’m A Believer (With Music)

I’m A Believer (Chorus Addendum)