The Fisherman and his Wife
This highly energetic children’s play involves music and extensive audience participation!
Appropriate for Grades K-5

This story mixes fairy tale magic with a modern spin in this exciting new adaptation.  Mildred Hook knows she’s meant for something greater than being just a poor Fisherman’s wife.  One day, she learns of a magical fish in Old Seasoning Bay.  She urges her husband to go out and catch the fish and grant her wish.  When he succeeds and the wish for riches comes true, Mildred can’t stop.  She becomes an award winning rock star and even the President of the United States.  As she grows in power, her ability to recognize what is most important to her diminishes.  Will Mildred figure out what it means to be truly happy before its too late?

Lessons Learned: Happiness cannot be bought, People are more important than objects, take responsibility for your mistakes