Summer Camp 2015 Teaching Artists

Group Leaders and Assistants 

Group 1 (Ages 5-6)  
Taught by: Lisette LeCompte
Assisted by: Lorena Berger, 
Megan Gasztonyi, Mia Pavot, Drew Goldstein, Harrison Cox, and
Graciela Perez



Group 3 (Ages 9-10) 
Taught by: Mimsi Janis and Michael Burgos
Assisted by: Angelina Pineda, Jessica Poole, Paul Botelho, 
Ali Romig, Bron Pedula-Smith, 
Cori Williams, and Sarah Beck


Group 2 (Ages 7-8) 
Taught by: Donovan Taylor Hall and Alaina Talley
Assisted by: Gabby Lavoie, 
Marilyn Minton, Missy Hamblet, 
Austin Lloyd, Garrett Christian, Sarah Beck, Erin Madden
and Meghan Howe


Group 4 (Ages 11-12) 
Taught by: Kaity Cookson and Rebecca Wahls
Assisted by: Adam Lemos,
Matt Succi, Emily Wade, Liam Finn, Madison McVeigh, 
and Elise Zimmerman



Group 5 (Ages 13 – 18) 
Taught by: Lisa Nanni-Messegee
Assisted by: Katie Brunberg, Andrew Flack, Kathleen Barth, Katie Nguyen
and Marissa Chaffee


Elective Teachers 

Jay Saunders, Ahmad Maaty, Allison Copeland, Kendall Huheey and Robin Chinn


Kathleen Mason and
Jesse Robinson
Assisted by: Caleigh Davis


Acting on Camera: 
Kevin Murray with Scott Blamphin and Perry Melat
Assisted by: Erica Messenger and Liana Quinones


Musical Theater: 
Ahmad Maaty with Jackie Salvador
Assisted by: Erica Messenger and Robin Chinn
Accompanist: David Norfrey


Frank Robinson Jr. 
with Andrew Reid



Maggie Dickinson
with Oscar Salvador
Assisted by: Elise Zimmerman

Administrative Team and Aftercare Staff

Administrative Team  
Camp Director: Mary Lechter
Chief Staff Assistants: 
Jessica Teaford and Zach Wilcox
Staff Assistants: Mark Ormesher, Maggie Dickinson, 
Erica Messenger, Perry Melat, 
Steve McCleskey, and Annie Lewis






Aftercare Staff: 
Jessica Teaford, Megan Gasztonyi, Maggie Dickinson, Katie Nguyen, and Drew Goldstein