Summer Camp 2017 Teaching Artists

Group Leaders and Assistants 

Group 1 (Ages 5-6)  
Taught by: Lisette LeCompte
Assisted by: Albert Anderson, Mia Pavot, Drew Goldstein, Jared Pugh


Group 3 (Ages 9-10) 
Taught by: Mimsi Janis, Michael Burgos, Josh McCreary, Katie Brunberg
Assisted by: Harrison Cox, Hayley Dandreaux (not pictured), Angelica Miguel, Sarah Beck, Cat Gilbert


Group 2 (Ages 7-8) 
Taught by: Megan Gasztonyi, Justin Sumblin, Ashley Promisel
Assisted by: Garrett Christian, Meghan Howe, Nate McGraw, Ashley King


Group 4 (Ages 11-12) 
Taught by: Kaity Cookson and Rebecca Wahls
Assisted by: Emily Wade, Keenan Gibson, Madison McVeigh, Lauren Sutton



Group 5 (Ages 13 – 18) 
Taught by: Lisa Nanni-Messegee
Assisted by: Gabe Zak, Marissa Chaffee, Hollyann Bucci, Heather Hicks


Elective Teachers 

Movement: Jay Saunders, Ahmad Maaty, Kendall Huheey, Vivian Lemons, Adam Lemos


Jackie Salvador, Graciela Perez, David Johnson, Caleigh Davis, Michael Rosegrant, Grayson Yuzon


Acting on Camera:  Kevin Murray with videographer/editor Scott Nurmi (not pictured); assisted by Caleigh Davis and Mark Forster


Musical Theater: 
Ahmad Maaty with Jackie Salvador
Accompanist: David Norfrey (not pictured); assisted by Grayson Yuzon


Frank Robinson Jr. 
with Andrew Reid


Improv: Keenan Gibson assisted by Zac Branciforte

Administrative Team and Aftercare Staff

Administrative Team  
Camp Director: Mary Lechter
Chief Staff Assistants: 
Zach Wilcox and Savanna Stanton-Ameisen
Staff Assistants: Claire Briggs and Kaihla Powell






Aftercare Staff: 
Megan Gasztonyi, Drew Goldstein, Harrison Cox, Meghan Howe