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AFYP 2017-2018 Membership
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•   Get early members-only access to registration for our Showcase programs (Fall/Spring/Summer)
•    Receive discounted tuition for Showcase programs
•    Receive discounts for Summer Camp
•    Receive discounts for Spring Break Camp
•    Receive special recognition on our website and in our playbills
•    Be the first to hear about special events


AFYP's story began 19 years ago, when Mary Lechter, AFYP's Founder and Artistic Director, recognized the impact of theater training on students while working as a teaching artist in Washington D.C. With 60 students in an on-camera acting class, AFYP made its humble beginnings in Fairfax. One class at a time, one school at a time, one program at a time, AFYP steadily grew. Today, AFYP impacts over 2700 students each year through after-school classes, showcase programs, touring shows and summer camps. Assisted by 50 teaching artists, the AFYP program educates, engages and empowers young adults day-in and day-out. As AFYP approaches its 20th year, we invite you to join us, as a member, on this artistic journey. The annual membership is a great way for you to be a part of our story, as it unfolds into the next decade.



Annual membership is $50 (per family) and membership will last from May 2017 to May 2018.



 2017 – 2018 Member Famlies

The Acosta Family
Fady Afif & Amira Maaty
The Assia Family
The Aukema Family
Brooke Beenhouwer
Kathy Beyer
The Bickford Family
The Bishop Family
Andy & Kathy Black
Mr. & Mrs. Boalick
The Branciforte Family
The Brennan Family
The Brosseau Family
Chris & Kristen Brown
Lisa & Ainsely Brown
The Brown Family
The Bruckmann Family
The Budden Family
The Bush Family
The Caplan Family
The Carroll Family
The Chapman Family
The Cohen Family
Iris & Tom Costantino
Henry Counts
The Daffan Family
The Davis Family
The de Freese - Carrean Family
The Dibbins - Stamerra Family
The Donat Family
Elizabeth D'Souza
The Dunnegan Family
The Eaton Family
Meredith & Ben Eckman
The Edmunds Family
Dave & Holly Eelman
The Estabrooks Family
The Forcier Family
The Frank Family
The Frieden Family
The Gaugush Family
The Gautier Famliy
The Grace Family
The Gring-Pemble/Pemble Family
Staci & Brian Grossbard
The Guerber Family
The Gurleyici Family
The Gutierrez Family
Brooke Hanser
Thor and Bel Hanson
The Hao Family
The Hayes Family
The Hawkins Family
Carly & Seth Hirsch
The Hoffman Family
Aidan G. Holroyd
The Huheey Family
The Hus/Blackwood Family
The Im Family
The Jeffries Family
The Johnson Family
Ella & Jack Johnson
The Joyce Family
H. Kessler
The Ketron Family
Sae Kim
The Knowles Family
Sarah Koch
The Kratch Family
The Labovitch Family
The Lafreniere Family
The Lasmane Family
Brian & Tammy Lassiter
The Lavery Family
The Lee Family
The LeKuch Family
The Lemons Family
Tori Lennon
Jenn & Jeff Lindeblad
The Linthicum Family
Laura Livingston
Cope Locke
Nyla & Nick Louh
The Lozano Family
Celia Lupo
The Manganello Family
Amit & Sonya Mansur
The Marshall Family
The Matthews Family
The McCormick Family
Bronwen, Jillson, & Madelyn McGarry
The McNerney Family
Kyra Meade
The Meekins Family
The Miller Family
Kathy & Craig Mulcahy
The Myers Family
James & Julianna Nickel
The Oshry Family
The Pelczynski Family
The Perks Family
The Perry Family
Ruby Persky
The Pounds Family
The Preble Family
Hannah Price
The Redfearn Kady Family
The Regan Family
The Rubio Family
Asher J. Ruiz & Family
The Rusch Family
Ariel Russell
The Salas Family
The Scovilles
The Sehon Family
Lonna Seibert & Todd Taylor
The Shah Family
The Sheltons
The Shin's Family
The Shugarman Family
Miranda Simpson
The Sizer Family
The Smith Family
The Snyder Family
The Soderholm Family
The Staeger Family
The Stauber Family
The Street Family
The Strompf Family
The Toppall Family
The Varghese Family
Harriet G. Verona
The Viale Family
The Viar Family
The VonAncken Family
The Wawrzaszek Family
The Weinraub Family
Emmy West
Carolyn Woods
The Yoon Family
The Yuzon Family