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AFYP’s after and before school programs are modifications of our general curriculum; we usually do an eight-week basic acting class - Take the Stage! - that culminates in an informal performance so the students can share what they’ve learned and display the confidence they’ve gained in class. If a school has a particular interest outside of our typical curriculum, we are happy to tailor our program to meet those interests. Our most popular program is “Take the Stage!”, but we also regularly schedule the following classes: “Glee” or “Musical Theater”, “Improv”, & “Characters, Crafts, & Comedy”. AFYP presents each student with a Certificate of Achievement at the end of each session.

Please note that the following notes are especially applicable to PTA/PTO-sponsored activities in public schools but our programs can be tailored to fit any school’s needs.

AFYP works with each school’s PTA to determine fee structure, and adheres to FCPS suggested guidelines regarding pricing. As an example, a class starting at $88 for an eight-week program would included a fee of $10 per classroom hour, plus a $1 materials fee, or $11 per class per child. This is below FCPS’ cap level, to keep it affordable for families. A limited number of full or partial scholarships may be available depending on enrollment.

The minimum number of students is 8. The maximum is 26. Faculty is added to ensure an appropriate teacher to student ratio.


Rooms with plenty of open space are preferred, but we are very flexible and can work with what we are given. Typical spaces include: cafeterias, gyms, stages, music rooms, black box theaters, & pods. Space for final class must be able to accommodate audience-style chairs (approx. two per enrolled child) for parents. Concurrent classes must be held in separate spaces.

AFYP is on file as an approved vendor with FCPS. In adherence with FCPS regulations, AFYP has professional liability insurance and will provide a PTA representative with a proof of policy. Also in adherence with FCPS regulations, AFYP’s after school program instructors receive Virginia State Criminal Background Checks.

Whenever possible, we appreciate having a parent liaison, and depending on the school’s wishes, a parent representative onsite.

AFYP offers secure online registration for our after and before school programs through our website!

Registration can also be processed through the school PTA. If registration is offered through the school, the PTA representative provides AFYP with basic contact information for students/families (phones/emails) so that we can email scripts or notices to absent students without having to trouble our coordinator and in order to keep things flowing as efficiently as possible. It will also help with proper name spelling for achievement certificates at the end of classes. The information is only used for communication purposes for the duration of a session. 

We try to stagger the start and end dates of our classes whenever possible in order for Mary Lechter and/or other senior company representatives to attend first and last classes of each session, as well as make periodic visits to each school throughout the session to observe classes. 


With a goal of reaching select Fairfax County Public Schools in September 2018, Acting for Young People presents a new, tuition-free program: TIME TO SHINE. The program’s goal is to empower students at risk due to poverty to: embrace opportunities for growth, increase their self-confidence and become leaders among their peers. 
Learn more about TIME TO SHINE.

AFYP is currently working with many elementary schools, including but not limited to: 

Please feel free to contact Mary Lechter for further information.