Spring 2017 Showcase Teaching Artists

Mini-Actors Showcase

Written and Directed by: Rebecca Wahls
Assisted by: 
Madison McViegh and Harrison Cox 

Young Actors Showcase

Directed by: 
Alaina Talley and
Justin Sumblin
Stage Manager: 
Jessica Poole
Assisted by: 
Drew Goldstein  

Musical and Advanced Actors Showcase

Director/Producer: Mary Lechter
Choreography: Ahmad Maaty with Kendall Huheey assisted by Justin Sumblin
Music Director: Jacqueline Salvador
Stage Manager: Kaity Cookson
Costumes Design: Rebecca Wahls and Savanns Stanton-Ameisen
Props and Set Design: Gabe Zak
Photography: Andrew Reid
Production Assistants: Zachary Wilcox, Megan Gasztonyi, Madison McVeigh, 
Harrison Cox, Drew Goldstein, Annabelle Lassiter, Madi Donat, Claire Briggs